North West Diagnostic and Treatment Services


The Volunteer Centre in Glossop have a team of volunteer drivers to help people with disabilities, older people, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems to attend medical related appointments: hospital appointments, doctor appointments, opticians, dentists, private doctors / clinics, physio and chiropodists, visiting people in nursing homes and hospital.

In the majority of cases, the driver will wait with you while you attend your appointment, and bring you home when you are ready to leave. This is unless you are being admitted, or are in for a procedure that will take a few hours. If you have a hospital appointment to be admitted for surgery or a procedure, we can arrange a driver to drop you off at your hospital appointment and pick you up again to transport you home later on in the day, or on another day, whenever you are ready to come out. Unfortunately, because a driver is making two journeys, the cost of the journey will double, for example; if you were being admitted to Tameside on a Monday and were returning on the Wednesday, the same driver (or possibly a different driver) would drop you off on a Monday, return home and then you would be picked up on the Wednesday, and the total cost would be £26.40. The same applies if you are going to stay with a relative.

If you'd like more details, contact Tina or Matt on 01457 890904 or go onto the link below